XDS Dramatically Expands Employee and Customer Base in 2020

XDS further entrenches itself as a leader in customer experience within the pharmaceutical and healthcare space.

AMBLER, Pa.–The Experience Design Studio (XDS), a digitally native customer experience agency dedicated to healthcare, today announced that it has more than doubled both its staff and customer base, as it closes out the third quarter of 2020.

“Since we started XDS in 2017, we’ve seen a huge trend towards companies embracing the digital customer journey to drive and improve user experience across all channels while harnessing SEO, Paid Search and CRM, social media engagement, and ultimately interacting more with their patients and HCPs,” said Douglas Rockhill, co-founder of XDS. “To meet these market demands, we greatly expanded our team with new user experience designers, web developers, digital producers, social media specialists, and SEO/SEM strategists. We will continue to develop our team of experts for the remainder of 2020 in the Philadelphia, Atlanta and Charleston areas to support our growing customer base and to ensure superior service on every level.”

Since the Company’s inception in 2017, XDS has increased its staff to almost 20 persons, with its headquarters in the Greater Philadelphia Area and offices in Charleston and Atlanta, and increased its client base by over 200%. XDS’s founders have decades of experience leading teams at large agencies and managing Fortune 100 clients through rebranding, mergers, product launches – including PDUFA/FDA approvals, and improving the customer experience.

XDS’s client base is rooted in healthcare companies that span pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, and a mix of non-healthcare related companies. This year alone, XDS added notable healthcare clients to their roster such as MC2 Therapeutics, J&J’s Biosense Webster, Outcome Health, Arcus Biosciences, and Aria CV, while also expanding current relationships with Intersect ENT, Rubius Therapeutics, and Shockwave Medical.

“XDS was built on partnerships with customers and leaders in the healthcare industry that Doug and I have worked with throughout our careers, leveraging our deep expertise in user experience and customer journeys in the marketing funnel. The growth trajectory we’ve experienced this year, even during a global pandemic, is validation of our positioning of end-to-end digital solutions in the market and being priced competitively, while producing and sustaining top-notch work. Our strategy of delivering high-quality and consistent service to our clients along with continuing to provide a productive and happy work environment is not just working, but thriving,” said Shai Reichert, co-founder of XDS.

About The Experience Design Studio

The Experience Design Studio is a digitally native customer experience agency founded in 2017 by two agency veterans, bringing their collective creative, user experience, marketing, technology and healthcare expertise together. XDS is a full-service digital agency providing strategy to creation, consulting, design, engineering, marketing, and analytics, with the aim of providing seamless customer, patient and HCP experiences across all digital tough points, with common sense sprinkled in.