Creating a $13 billion dollar brand

Crazy headline. $13 billion? Yes, $13 billion. Shockwave Medical became a $13 billion dollar brand when Johnson & Johnson purchased it last week and we’re extremely proud here at The Experience Design Studio to play a small role in helping build and define the Shockwave brand.

Don’t get me wrong, the incredible smart innovators at Shockwave deserve all the credit.

The groundbreaking technology they developed that uses sonic pressure waves to disrupt calcium while leaving soft tissue undisturbed is in the process of becoming the standard of care for advanced cardiovascular disease. It’s saving lives. The dedication and innovation of their team are truly commendable, and their success is well-deserved.


But we are proud of the small part we played as well.

Our journey with Shockwave started back in 2018 when an old colleague Scott Shadiow joined Shockwave.  XDS was just starting out, Shai and I were navigating our first year in business and Scott was brave enough to give us a call “Hey, Can you create me a few landing pages?”. This initial project paved the way for us getting more calls “Can you make me a logo that looks like cracking calcium?” and “We need a brochure for our sales team” and “Do you do tradeshow booths”. We answered all these calls and helped create work that looked a little different than the standard medical device work, injecting a touch of edginess and fun into Shockwave's brand identity.

And the calls from Scott didn’t stop, for 6 years we helped Shockwave create everything from their website, social channels, more emails than I can remember, clinical trial branding, tradeshow booths, brochures, packaging, and more.

In the agency world, it’s not often you get to spend 6 years with a brand, and it’s even less rare to see that brand have an exit event like Shockwave has had.

As an agency owner who was just starting out, finding those marketers who were willing to trust their brand and reputation so early in our journey was extremely hard.

So, to the Shockwave team, we extend our heartfelt thanks for allowing us to contribute to your journey. Here's to continued success and innovation.

Crack On Shockwave!





Douglas Rockhill - Co-Founder @ The Experience Design Studio

Douglas has been creating digital experiences since 1998. When he’s not doing his first job as a soccer dad and bike mechanic to his four sons, he can be found leading a great team at The Experience Design Studio (XDS).

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