XDS Cares: Keep Small Strong

New year, new initiative.

XDS Cares is kicking off the new year with a new initiative. As the pandemic rages on and continued restrictions and lockdowns are implemented, no one is suffering more than Main Street USA. Small businesses are the backbone of the American dream and foster a sense of hope and pride across the country. They provide opportunities for entrepreneurs young and old, are invested in the community and its future, and help the community flourish. Owner operated shops support the local economy in so many ways, including tax revenue and spending that stays local, job creation, and by adding value and excitement to the local marketplace. When it comes to employees, small businesses can often provide more meaningful jobs to locals. They offer greater job satisfaction than employees will find with larger companies where they are a cog in the wheels and feel under appreciated. Small businesses define a community, represent its history, and are a reflection of those who, live and work in that community.

At XDS, we believe in Main Street, mom and pop, and corner stores. We believe in companies that start as 2 and grow to 22 and beyond. We believe in dreaming big, shopping small, and supporting our neighbors. We all have our favorite bakery, cozy coffee shop, fashion boutique, and local eatery. Those places where everybody knows your name and feel like home. They are owned and operated by our neighbors, our aunts, and uncles, grandparents, cousins, and old college buddies. These businesses are what make a town unique, charming, and provides a sense of character that showcases the individuality of the community. We want to do our part to keep small strong.

For the 1st quarter of 2021, we have chosen to support small businesses through GoFundMe’s small business relief fund. It is our mission to bring attention to this cause as well as take an active role in supporting our fellow small business owners. We hope you will consider joining us in this cause.


Small Business Relief Fund

The GoFundMe.org Small Business Relief Fund will provide micro-grants to qualifying small businesses negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Small Business Relief Fund is part of the Small Business Relief Initiative: a program supported by GoFundMe and partners. The Small Business Relief Initiative will supply financial assistance and support to businesses across the country by providing grants, tools, and resources to help during the crisis. The GoFundMe community and the Small Business Relief Initiative partners have currently donated millions of dollars in donations to the GoFundMe.org Small Business Relief Fund. As of August 31, more than $2.5 million has been granted to over 4,000 small businesses in the United States.

By sharing the fundraiser and donating, you can help to support as many small businesses across the country as possible.

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There’s More You Can Do

You can also keep small strong by thinking local first. Whether you make it part of your daily routine or spend your downtime strolling Main Street instead of the mall, it’s an easy change that will make a big impact.

  • Forget chain restaurants and pop into a local dive for lunch or host your monthly girls night out or date night at your fave mom and pop restaurant.
  • Consider working out at a smaller gym instead of large national branches.
  • Find your favorite boutique and shop with them for all of your birthday and holiday gifts, it can be your signature!
  • There are tons of local nurseries and garden shops to check out that can offer more knowledge and a more personal shopping experience.
  • Visit farmer’s markets and pop-up fruit and veggie stands to get your fresh produce.
  • Go see your local mechanic when you’re having car trouble.
  • Pop in to the main street barber instead of the walk-in chain down the street.
  • Looking for meaningful decor for your home? Enlist local artists rather than buying dime a dozen artwork.