XDS Cares: 4ATX Foundation



For the third quarter 2021 XDS Cares initiative, we have chosen to support 4ATX Foundation. The goal of XDS Cares is to support and contribute to our local communities around the country through donations and volunteer efforts. With our new hub in Austin and our belief in the power of sports to not only bring a community together but also enhance the lives of our youth, 4ATX is an organization that we are proud to get behind. Sports are a tremendous way to help children build character and have a sense of pride in their accomplishments while also teaching them valuable life skills like teamwork, commitment, and the power to set and achieve goals. Sports for many young athletes may be out of reach due to the cost of equipment, uniforms, and team fees, leaving a gaping hole for underprivileged communities. We are beyond impressed by organizations like Austin FC that build, promote, and run amazing outreach programs like 4ATX.

Austin FC is one of the newest soccer teams to join Major League Soccer (MLS), based in Austin TX. Austin FC is committed to serving the community and strengthening the cultural roots of Austin, while mobilizing the next generation of leaders to protect and promote what makes Austin special.

Join us as we support and contribute to this great cause.

About 4ATX

Together, we can use the power of soccer to inspire, connect and mobilize Austin’s next generation of leaders.

4ATX Foundation, the nonprofit arm of Austin FC, is dedicated to keeping Austin inclusive, vibrant, and confident for years to come.

From building soccer pitches in underserved neighborhoods to teaching social-emotional learning through soccer, 4ATX Foundation aims to create the next generation of Austin leaders by providing opportunities for children of low-income families to learn and grow together on and off the pitch.

Through its feature program, Verde Leaders, 4ATX Foundation is equipping teens from low-income Austin neighborhoods with the tools and community of support needed to thrive in today’s world.

Make a donation today to help build an equitable Central Texas community where all youth can become key stakeholders in Austin’s future.

$30 – Equip a student with a soccer ball and cones

$50 – Provide three students with transportation to soccer camp

$100 – Send a student to participate in a leadership summit

$300 – Help a community restore a soccer goal with a brand new Verde net

$600 – Enable a student to participate in Verde Leaders for free for an entire year

$1,000 – Give a young child the opportunity to play club soccer for one year

$2,000 – Support a college scholarship for a standout student-athlete

$5,000 – Help a low-income community maintain a mini-pitch for 5 years

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