Introducing XDS Cares

As we grow, we want to give back.

At XDS we believe in a positive and empowering company culture where everyone has a voice and the opportunity to use it. At the core, our team runs on hard work, drive and compassion. As a company, we are grateful for the work we do every day and the amazing projects and partners we are fortunate to work with. We feel compelled to build on what we do and provide goodwill to others. This is something that is just as important to our employees as it is to the founding partners. With that in mind, the team got to work creating an initiative to do just that, and XDS Cares was born. The goal of XDS Cares is to shed light on important causes both locally and nationwide. XDS Cares will select a charity every quarter chosen by our employees, something that holds meaning to them and allows us to do some good. It is our mission to not only bring attention to our selected charities but also take an active role in supporting that charity through donations. XDS will match donations by our employees. Join us in supporting our communities. Let’s all do our part

The Breathing Room

We would like to introduce you to The Breathing Room, the first initiative for XDS Cares. The mission of this organization is to provide individualized care and support to families affected by cancer by addressing their most critical needs so that they can concentrate their efforts on regaining their physical health.

Established in February of 1997, the Breathing Room Foundation was founded by Bernard and Diane Fitzgerald as a response to the overwhelming support received from their family, friends and the community that surrounded them during Diane’s six-year battle with cancer. Through the years, friends, families and volunteers have worked tirelessly to continue the legacy of The Breathing Room.

Brought To You By Studio Member Amy

“I chose this charity because I thought it was an easy way to make a large impact on people’s lives during the holidays. It is difficult to go through cancer treatment, and combined with COVID, I think this year will be extremely difficult for many families. My hope is that as a group, we’ll not only be able to bring light into numerous families’ lives, but also spread awareness of this cause so that others can join in as well.” 

Our team was able to contribute $1400 in donations for The Breathing Room. We are looking forward to bigger and better things for XDS Cares in 2021.